My name is Emma. My friends call me Emmadale Farm.

I blog the things I love. Come follow little children, I'll be your pied piper.

I will blog randomness.
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And Pink Floyd
and Bottom
and other nik nacks.

Cutting all contact with the man you love is the hardest thing in the world. He is my best friend too and I just want to tell him about my day, hear about his..last week we had arranged to meet  Tonight, so im even more sad because i could be snuggled in bed with him right now. But its all just putting off the inevitble because at the end of the day it all boils down to the fact he is a dick who “doesnt do relationships” 

this could be the cringiest thing i have ever said but..

all day I have had that feeling where i can genuinly feel a build up of tears in my eyes cos i havent cried yet today. FML.

I am sad.

Ok so I am basically heartbroken the man i have fallen for has made it clear he does not want a relationship. despite the fact we have pretty much been together for 4 months. fuck my life. 

bit addicted to Caitlin Moran at the moment. She is so damn cool.

bit addicted to Caitlin Moran at the moment. She is so damn cool.

zheuglyduckling asked: Did you go to the Komedia on weds?! I couldn't gooo! =[ How was it?!

heyyy i couldnt make it either!! :( my friends couldnt afford it and i didnt want to go alone! im v.sad now. wahhh!! i bet it was so good! xx